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Thank you for choosing Jennie Good Photographs for a custom experience that celebrates your high school senior’s milestone in life with some once-in-a-lifetime photographs!

I am proud to offer a collection of the most unique and highest quality products in the industry, to albums of all sizes to display options which complement any home decor. I am dedicated to creating a personal custom experience in order to surpass your portrait photography expectations.

My studio is open by appointment only. You can reach me at 419.674.3138 or by emailing me at I am happy to set up a consultation for you to further discuss plans for your senior’s portrait session.


It's raining! Do I cancel?

Depends. If it is pouring and we were shooting mainly outside, then we will likely reschedule. Sprinkles are doable, but wind and rain make life miserable, and nobody wants that for their senior portraits!

I have zits. Can you retouch them?

Yes. Do what you can do to cover them up with makeup and I’ll take care of the rest. Every image that leaves the studio is retouched so you look your best.

Can I bring my best friend/significant other along for the session?

Yes, a best friend can stay the entire session and help, a significant other can join in for a few images, but shouldn’t plan on staying too long.

Do I need to know where I want my outdoor portraits taken?

No, that’s my job. I’ve spend the last few years figuring out where the best spots for portraits are, and great places to shoot. I’ll take the time to get to know you a little, and see what preferences you have, but for the most part you don’t need to worry about it.

Can we photograph at a specific location?

Yes, but travel time needs to be factored into your session. I have no problem traveling to a certain place, but there may be travel charges that are accrued.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, friendly animals are welcome. They should be exercised prior to coming in to expend some energy and well pottied before entering the studio. Someone should also be on hand to take the animal after they’ve been photographed.

I love black & white. Can you make some of my pictures that way?

Of course! In fact, all images will be in black & white as well as color. I love options!

Session Upgrades

You only get to do this once… do it right the first time! Please contact me right away if you decide you’d like to add or upgrade since they all require extra time and I’ll need to check the calendar.

  • Professional Makeup – My most popular upgrade is our MAC-alicious makeup artist, Hayley Palmer of Opulent Makeup Artistry. She’ll get you prepped and looking fabulous before your session even begins! $30 for camera-ready makeup. This has to be scheduled, so if you want makeup I need to know at the time of scheduling.
  • Preferred Location – Looking for some unique images? Somewhere outside the county? I will travel for $30 over 30 miles outside of Kenton. Is there somewhere special to you that we can photograph? No problem! Let me know where, and we’ll make arrangements!
  • Split Session – Want to incorporate two different looks? Use a split session option to have straight hair AND natural hair. This will spread your session over 2 days and add a little extra time. $50 for an extra half hour of time and the additional day (no more than 6 outfits over the 2 days). Want to do 2 more seasons? Your second session will be $100 off!

The Basics

Please arrive early for your appointment. Arriving 5-10 minutes early can help quite a bit by allowing you time to bring everything in, hang up your clothes, touch up hair and makeup. You have a limited amount of time in front of the camera, so the more time you spend in the dressing room, the less you have in the camera room.

Plan out your outfits as much as possible. Grouping pieces together will make changing that much faster and saving the time means we could possibly photograph you in an additional outfit.

You can expect up to 2 hours of shooting depending on light and location. Don’t forget to add travel time if we are shooting on location or in another county. If you have a specific location in mind, please let me know ahead of time so we can discuss lighting and make sure we have permission to be there. The more I know ahead of your session, the easier the session will flow!

Never hesitate to send me a message or call, and can even Skype if you want to talk and show me outfits or ideas at the same time!

Clothing Tips

Choose stripes with care. Monochromatic (varying shades of the same color) work fine in stripes and patterns as long as its subtle. Go easy on the striped clothing!

Bring a huge selection of clothing! We have more success narrowing down than having to settle. It’s very common to have suitcases and laundry baskets filled full of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Avoid only bringing one pair of shoes. Dress shoes don’t go with everything, just like the comfy, well-used sneakers won’t go with everything. Bring a variety.

Do not shove all of your outfits into a bag. The less wrinkles you have, the better and more put together you look! Pack with care.

Bring clothing that you feel flatters you. If you don’t like your arms, please do not bring only sleeveless tops; if you don’t like your chest/midsection, avoid tight clothing, etc. Keep in mind that clothes should fit though! Nothing too tight or too loose.

Posing and lighting will accomplish quite a bit but the correct clothing choices can definitely add to your portrait experience.

Putting Together Outfits

Include in your wardrobe a variety of different types of outfits. Pretend you’re packing for a 4-season vacation. You need long-sleeves, a jacket, sweaters, evening wear, short sleeves, tank tops, jeans, shorts, casual and formal. Variety is the spice of life!

Select outfits you feel flatter you best or that you are very comfortable in. Pick outfits in your favorite colors or something that will enhance your eye color.

Have a variety of shoes…something casual (sneakers), something formal (dress shoes), and your favorite pair. Ladies, I love shoes, don’t be shy!

Let mom or dad select a couple of your outfits! They don’t need to have a say in everything, but they should definitely get to see you in something that they really like.

Don’t forget to EMPTY OUT YOUR CLOSET! I have a very good reason for this. I have years of experience seeing what photographs well and what does not. We will assist you in selecting outfits and putting them together so you will look amazing!

Think head to toes. Accessories like hats, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, belts and shoes. Match them up to which outfits they look best with. Coordinate colors and styles! No clue? Don’t worry, we LOVE putting outfits together!

Girls Sessions

Makeup is a must. It will even out your skin tone, blotchy skin or blemishes. Use matte eye shadow and powder, apply some mascara, and don’t forget lipstick (chapped lips aren’t how you want to remember you senior portraits)! Studio strobes will wash you out so be prepared with some makeup.

Not sure how you apply your makeup? Be sure to check out our makeup upgrade and have our professional take care of you.

Don’t change your hairstyle right before your session. Give yourself at least 1-2 weeks to get used to the change and find how you like it best styled. And don’t change your hairstyle right after your session either. You may not like your pictures as much.

Moderate time in tanning beds. Your skin will look orange if you overdo it. It is very difficult to fix over-tanning or a sunburn in Photoshop.

Please be sure to bring the correct undergarments for your outfits. Strapless bras are a very helpful piece, as we will not see bra straps with any sleeveless tops. Remember to consider color as well.

Take care of your nails! Remove all nail polish or reapply as needed. Your nails will be prominent in some pictures.

Guys Sessions

Remember to shave. Stubble or facial hair is fine for some of the shots, but you or mom & dad might want you clean shaven for other images. I can accommodate both options, with some warning, so you can shave mid-way through your session.

If your hair needs trimming, have it done a minimum of 3-5 days prior to your session. Do not do it the day before.

If you have any blemishes before your session, don’t worry about them! We will retouch everything before a single image is printed! We will prep a couple images for your viewing appointment so you can see how great you look.

If you’re bring a tie, either be really good at tying it, or bring it already tied. There’s nothing worse than using your session time fighting with a tie.

Bring a variety of shirts and pants. Polos, long-sleeve button downs, sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, the favorite shirt that drives mom crazy, as well as jeans, khakis, and slacks. No, I am not going to use them all, but we need to see a variety so I can assist in selecting which outfits will photograph best.

Things to Include

Consider bringing along some items that have meaning to you. It could vary from musical instruments, a pet, a hobby you enjoy.

I do require advance notice of pets, vehicles, or anything questionable (i.e. hunting guns, blades, etc.)

After Your Session

Approximately 2 weeks after your portrait session I will send you a link to view your session online.

Once you are ready to order, we will set up and appointment in the studio or at your home. It is very important that ALL DECISION MAKERS ATTEND or that you have an idea of what you want beforehand. All of your purchasing decisions will be made at this appointment. It sounds intimidating and impossible right now, but I promise to help! A sneak peek is almost ALWAYS posted to our Facebook page after our session, and I will always ask permission before doing so.

Discs are not provided with the sitting fee, but may be purchased for an additional fee, or may be included in some packages. All discs include permission to print as you wish.

To help assist in the process of selecting images, please consider a few things:

Where will you be hanging your wall portraits?
My clients have told me many times how much they appreciate seeing their children on the wall, especially once they’ve moved out to college. It can be a hard transition to a quieter home and seeing your child daily in your favorite portraits helps the separation immensely. Please take some images with your camera or phone of places in your home that are possibilities for your wall portraits.

Who will you need gifts for?
There are many people who have had influence on the person your senior has become. Portraits can be a very lovely way to thank them. Don’t forget the parents, aunts & uncles, cousins, siblings, honorary parents and grandparents, coaches, teachers and friends.

Consider quantities…
Once we have put together your order at your sales appointment, items are prepared and ordered typically within a few days. We have very little wiggle room for changing or adjusting an order once it’s been placed.

I accept Visa and Mastercard as well as cash and checks. We are happy to extend payment plans as well with no interest.

Your order will be ready for pickup typically within 2 weeks depending on what the order consists of. Framing and albums typically take a bit longer than loose prints, wallets and gallery wraps.